The first year is always the quickest.

When we became parents we always heard, "The first year goes by the fastest." We never realized how true this was until we had our daughter. Whether it's the exhaustion, or just the fact that your child changes so much in the first year, it's crazy how fast your little sweet baby will turn into a toddler. 

From your beautiful baby bump all the way to your baby's first birthday, we are here to document it all.

I am Aleah and my husband is Terran.

We are Fragment Media. We are a husband and wife team who genuinely enjoys working with one another. When it comes to your little ones, you can expect both of us to be working together to deliver those adorable photos.

My newborn photography style is definitely moody, minimalist, and I love my earth-tones. You will see my style is a little bit darker, because that is my strength - I really want your baby to be the star of my photos.


When it comes to your little one, they're the boss. I have my tricks to make them sleepy when they're newborn, to make them giggle when they're older, but ultimately kids are unpredictable. I always wants my photo experiences to be fun, so if that means I have to make crazy noises, or sing nursery rhymes to your kiddo, you bet I will!


We capture the most important fragments of your life.  

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